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The Foundation

Wladyslaw Slesicki Film Foundation (Fundacja Filmowa im. Władysława Ślesickiego) was established in winter 2014 by the family of the film director. Our Foundation specializes in organizing film training and consulting programs especially in the area of documentary film, film production and Polish film promotion. An important objective of the Foundation is to popularize and preserve the memory of artistic achievements of Wladyslaw Slesicki — deceased in 2008, regarded as one of the greatest documentary film-makers of the 1960s both in Poland and in the world — by a wide range of educational and popularizing activities in the field of film, documentary film in particular.

Wladyslaw Slesicki Film Foundation is the organizer of DOC LAB POLAND, Poland’s largest consulting program for professional documentary filmmakers, combined with public presentations of projects and meetings with international experts. In 2015 and 2016 dozens of film producers, sales agents, distributors and representatives of the most important film festivals and TV broadcasters arrived in Poland at the invitation of the program. The two editions of the program attracted 45 film projects represented by over 80 film directors and producers.

Furthermore, our Foundation organized documentary co-production markets as part of Krakow Film Festival – we had more than 20 participants in 2015 and 40 participants in 2016. Approximately 750 individual film industry meetings were held within the both editions of DOC LAB POLAND.

Our Foundation also runs a film production business through its subsidiary – Film Frame.

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