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House of Ants

documentary, 75 min, in development

  • director : Katarzyna Kultys
  • photography: Katarzyna Kultys, Agnieszka Kokowska
  • editing: Michał Poddębniak, Pola Krzesiak.
  • produced by: Adam Ślesicki, FILM FRAME — Fundacja Filmowa im. Władysława Ślesickiego / PL
  • partners: CANAL+, Orka Film, Cafe Ole, MX35, My Way Studio, Kult Production / PL
  • support: Polish Film Institute

“House of Ants” tells a tense story of the relationship between a mother and her 14-year-old son, who repeatedly exceeds her limits of endurance. Oskar is passionate about insects – he has a whole collection of ants and a youtube channel dedicated to living creatures where he sells and exchanges different species. The collection keeps growing and new species are added – this time not only ants, but scorpions, spiders, maybe even a snake. The only problem is Oskar’s mom Kasia is an aesthete working in fashion – terrified of creatures living in her home.

“House of Ants” is the film about passion, motherhood and respecting the differences between people and boundaries in a shared space. While Kasia tries to befriend the unwanted flat mates and Oskar learns he can’t do whatever he wants, we become fond of their relationship and even of the insects sharing the screen with them.

Katarzyna Kultys

Graduate of DOC DEVELOPMENT (2021 and 2022) at the Wladyslaw Slesicki Film Foundation and of STUDIO PRÓB (2020) and DOK PRO (2019) at the Wajda School, as well as of the photojournalism and photo-documentary workshops at the Academy of Photography. Scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture (2019) for her short documentary „Wiesia”. Founder of Fashion Magazine, one of the first professional fashion magazines in Poland, which has received many prestigious honors and awards (including Gold and Silver Chimera in the Press Design Competition). She has more than 100 realized photo shoots with the biggest figures from the world of fashion and art. Producer of the Fashion Oscars — a competition for designers, photographers and models.


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